About TCH, & Me

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Two Clumsy Hands by Edith Witts (1956)

This dear story was a Sunday school prize for my mum in 1957. The title refers to ‘clumsy’ Jane, who learns through the opportunity to help a school friend, the patience of her loving parents, and the stories from her grandmother, that she has valuable gifts to help others, in spite of her outward clumsiness.

Although I was already an avid reader and lived my life up the Faraway Tree, by the shores of Plum Creek or daydreaming with Anne, this story made an indelible impression on me and its uplifting, sweet little story of a time gone by is one of my dearest keepsakes.

The Bible is my favourite book. Everyone’s heard of it, most people have an opinion on it, but how many have actually read it? Regardless of your beliefs, if you love literature, the Bible is a must-read.

This website is a home for LISTS! Books read, books still to read. And who doesn’t love lists?

I’m an Aus-Brit who longs to visit the Scottish Highlands. I love urban life one day, rural life the next. My dog Charlie, is my furbaby. Fortunately the rest of the family are with me on this!


I spend most of my online time at Instagram. Come and say Hi! @two.clumsy.hands