Two Clumsy Hands

Author: Edith Witts, 1956, Oliphants Limited

twoclumsyhandsMy mum was awarded this book as a Sunday School prize in 1957 and I discovered it on my grandmother’s bookshelf when I was around eight years old. The little girl, in the pretty blue dress, holding the kitten on the cover, along with the knowledge she was clumsy (just like me!) made it irresistible. I had to know what it was all about.

This book made an indelible impression on me. First of all, it got me reading. Secondly, I learnt that even though outwardly I might be awkward, I still had gifts that could be used to help and bring happiness to others. I will always be thankful to Edith Witts for her uplifting, sweet little story of a time gone by.

I still love to read. Pretty much anything…except dystopia, horror or anything too disturbing. My very favourite books were written or set in the first half of the 20th century.

I live in Melbourne, Australia which I love! I spent 15 years in the UK which I also love! I’m a regular Bookstagrammer so come over and say Hi @two.clumsy.hands

Helena Ruth ♥

4 thoughts on “Two Clumsy Hands

  1. Nice to know the origin of the blog’s name! Books from childhood do have a lasting influence, don’t they? I read Mara Kay’s historical novel, The Youngest Lady-in-Waiting when I was about 12 & it sparked a love of Russian history & literature that has never left me. I reread it just last year when it was reprinted & loved it all over again. I was surprised how much I remembered.

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    1. That’s lovely! I never read The Youngest Lady In Waiting, but I think my mum has another Mara Kay book on her shelf. It sounds familiar. I often re-read my childhood books when I’m in the mood for a comfort read.

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