Elizabeth Goudge

I have lots of ‘favourite’ authors, but if I had to choose one it would be, without doubt, Elizabeth Goudge. Fortunately she was quite prolific and I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by her books, especially as a couple of them have multiple names, some have very similar names and there are a couple of series amongst her standalones. So I decided to put together a list of her major works so I could keep track of my reading. This doesn’t include her many short stories, or (as yet) all her children’s books.

Bio to come…. If you’d like to read more about Goudge, the Elizabeth Goudge Society has an excellent website.

Torminster GR rating
1936 A City of Bells (The Cathedral Trilogy) 4.22
1939 The Sister of the Angels 4.07
1942 The Blue Hills 4.06
Eliots of Damerosehay GR rating
1940 The Bird in the Tree 4.17
1948 Pilgrim’s Inn / The Herb of Grace 4.32
1951 The Heart of the Family 4.18
Standalone Titles GR rate
1934 Island Magic 3.94
1935 The Middle Window 3.65
1937 Towers in the Mist (The Cathedral Trilogy) 3.96
1941 The Castle on the Hill 3.97
1941 The Well of the Star 4.00
1944 Green Dolphin Street / Green Dolphin Country 4.19
1946 The Little White Horse 4.09
1949 Gentian Hill 4.09
1951 The Rosemary Tree 4.11
1951 The Valley of Song 4.30
1952 The White Witch 4.01
1960 The Dean’s Watch (The Cathedral Trilogy) 4.40
1963 The Scent of Water 4.16
1964 Linnets and Valerians 4.16
1967 A Christmas Book 4.00
1967 A Book of Peace 4.09
1969 I Saw Three Ships 4.02
1970 The Child from the Sea 3.99
1971 The Lost Angel 3.81
1974 The Joy of Snow 4.06